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On this picture we have written: The Life List - The enchanting story of the last present of a mother to her daughter

Brazilian Title: A lista de Brett

Original Title: The life list
Author(a): Lori Nelson Spielman
Brazilian Publishing House: Verus
Year: 2014
Pages: 364

Portuguese's SKOOB SYNOPSIS: Brett Bohlinger seems to have everything in life - a great job as executive advertising, a handsome boyfriend and a modern and spacious loft. Until her beloved mother dies and leaves in hers will an order: to receive her share in inheritance Brett needs to accomplish the list of dreams she wrote when she was a naive teenager. Depressed and grieving, Brett can not understand her mother's decision - her teenage desires have nothing to do with her ambitions now, with thirty-four years old. Some items requires she reinventasse your entire life style. Others seem even impossible . Reluctantly , Brett embarks on an exciting journey in search of his adolescent dreams where she will find that sometimes the best gifts of life are in the most unexpected places.

Charming! This is definitely the word that best describes this book . First published in 2013, The life list, Lori Nelson's first novel, seems just another chick -list among many, but it is just not.

Right off the bat we are introduced to a beautiful and very well done book cover, which many people may not have noticed but it is full of meanings: among the flowers and leaves of the tree we found several images that symbolize the goals that Brett has to fulfill . The only goal that is not in the tree is the dog, but this is also on the cover, on the floor .

The first chapter presents the event that will mark Brett's life and develop the whole plot of the story: Brett's mother death (no, that's not a spoiler. It is written in the synopsis and it is said in the first 3 lines of the book)

Elizabeth was a woman beloved by all who knew her, strong, intelligent, determined, dedicated and a loving mother ... Even dead from the first page of the book, she has a much more significant presence, influential and frequecy in the book than any of Brett's brothers. Mother and daughter were best friends, sharing ideas, tastes, life and the loss of this woman is emotionally devastating to our main character.

As if only the immense pain of the loss was not already enough, during the reading of the will a surprise happens: her mother did not left her exactly the inheritance she was expecting but a letter that would change everything Brett believed about her future.

And what was in that letter? You may be asking yourself. That's exactly what Brett wondered for a while, until your brothers withdrew from the site and the lawyer began to read to her.

The letter contained a list of dreams that she made as a teenager and threw in the trash next to her study table at some point. A list of dreams that her mother was sure were her daughter's real dreams, the ones she hid even from herself for several reasons. To receive the inheritance Brett would have to accomplish every single one of those dreams in a maximum of 01 year.

The problem is that many of these dreams are not consistent with her current life style and one of them takes considerable time to be fulfilled, as "being a mother". Anyone knows that, right? So why a 01 year term? Why such a short period? Well, unfortunately that isn't answered directly in the book. The only thing we can deduce by Brett's attitudes is that if the term did not exist she would not even try to start the list.

With every dream that came true Brett would receive a letter written by her mother especially for that moment, which in my point of view was the way Elizabeth found to be able to celebrate with her daughter the achievements she was so sure would bring happiness back to the eyes of her beloved youngest, a way of being able to be with her.

"Keep on making yourself do things that give you fear, dear. Take the risk and see where it lands, because they are the ones who make the journey worthwhile." (...) "Congratulations, my daughter, by doing good things. This is, in fact, the secret to a happy life." 
Throughout the pages we learn with the character about life, about the choices we make and the ones left undone by fear or complacency, about the difficulty of making any changes that take us out of our comfort zone...

The writing is in first person and we just can't help but get involved with the feelings experienced by the character, cheer for her and even grow a little bit with it.

A captivating book that goes every line taking root not only in your home or on your bookshelf, but also in your heart and your life.

The life List (Brett's list, as it was translated to portuguese) is one of those rare books that if we read carefully and put into practice the lessons that it transmits, it may change our lives.

Ps.: This entire digest was made by translating the portuguese version, even the skoob synopisis and the quotes. So, if it's not exactly like the english version of the book we are so sorry but we worked with what we had. 

If you found any english mistakes in this text, feel free to correct us (just be polite, ok? We tried our best) and we will change it in the text to the correct form.

This Digest was made by our foundress Mari Ramos.

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